Intro - Daniel Kolesa

Name: Daniel Kolesa
Title/Job Description: Software developer
Company: None/Igalia (currently on a break)
Location/Country: Brno, Czechia
First AArch64 device: SolidRun Honeycomb LX2
Twitter Handle:
Other Social Media: q66 ( - BLÅHAJ Social
Favorite Book/Movie/Song/TV Show:

I’m the developer of Chimera Linux ( and a proponent
of portable code (so naturally, my distribution works on AArch64, POWER,
RISC-V and x86_64) and kind of a jack of all trades (I touch pretty much
everything in any area, from high level things to kernel), I also like to
turn weird hardware into usable workstations.

Currently I daily drive a POWER9 machine but I have recently obtained the
Altra kit and plan to use that as my primary machine at least for some time,
using that time to fix various things (one area I’m particularly going to
look into is enabling LLVM’s Control Flow Integrity hardening in more
applications and libraries across the stack).

Outside of computer stuff I’m into baking (and cooking), DIY, audio, music,
and so on.


Welcome to this community @q66 :wave:

Starting with a Honeycomb LX2 is pretty rare I guess, it could have been much worse. :rofl: