Stanford's Code in Place

When the lock down happened in 2020, I stumbled upon 2 Stanford professors who were going to teach the first 10 weeks of their Intro to Computer Science as a MOOC, a massive online open course. I figured that I was stuck at home and had taught Java and C++ many moons ago and figured why not. (also figured that I would a more structured way of coding in Python). So I volunteered to be a section leader. I did it in again in 2021 and the experience was amazing. I remember having a Biology Professor from UC Berkley who wanted to learn some python for her modeling, a couple of professionals wanting to bring some simple programming into their life and a mom who son was had started university as a CS major. So totally wide group of people. And it was a lot of fun…
I totally recommend checking it out. I think that there were over 80k students. I had so much fun, the second year I did the teach the teacher part. So check out the video intro and then if you can, signup! :slight_smile:

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Thanks a lot Aaron, sounds like fun. :blush: