Ampere Developer Platform as a gaming platform

Want to use your Ampere Developer Platform as a high end steam gaming machine?

Here is Phoronix’s write up for it.


The article is short, but it leads to a detailed explanation.

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ADLINK did a lot of work on this with Luke Lu, also Rebecca Cran. Note the use of box86/box64 for x86 linux user space on Ampere. Games aren’t the only possible application or even the main one. It has gotten a lot of developers interested though. It is interesting that Ampere Altra Dev Kits and Dev Platform workstations are getting picked up by game studios.


It works pretty well for linux native games. Have almost finished a playthrough of Factorio on my Ampere box

Just as a note, I’ve written a ton of stuff around box64/box86 for nix/nixos since binfmt won’t work in my case (need QEMU for x86_64-linux builds). Though I do have some stuff getting ready to work around binfmt

(also maybe I should add a new known “working” GPU to the docs)

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Indeed. And I now have a 4070 Ti working great on mine under Ubuntu 22.04. No problem at all installing the thing.