Ampere Developer Platform as a gaming platform

Want to use your Ampere Developer Platform as a high end steam gaming machine?

Here is Phoronix’s write up for it.


The article is short, but it leads to a detailed explanation.

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ADLINK did a lot of work on this with Luke Lu, also Rebecca Cran. Note the use of box86/box64 for x86 linux user space on Ampere. Games aren’t the only possible application or even the main one. It has gotten a lot of developers interested though. It is interesting that Ampere Altra Dev Kits and Dev Platform workstations are getting picked up by game studios.

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It works pretty well for linux native games. Have almost finished a playthrough of Factorio on my Ampere box

Just as a note, I’ve written a ton of stuff around box64/box86 for nix/nixos since binfmt won’t work in my case (need QEMU for x86_64-linux builds). Though I do have some stuff getting ready to work around binfmt

(also maybe I should add a new known “working” GPU to the docs)