Embedded World `23 March 14-16

Ampere is at Embedded World exhibiting, showing cool AI demos of inference on Ampere processor & Ampere with NVIDIA GPU, and meeting with partners and customers. Some places to see Ampere and talk with our folks:

  • Ampere Hall 1-128
  • ADLINK Hall 3-147
  • 7StarLake Hall 1-128 co-exhibit with Ampere showing rugged solutions with Ampere Altra + NVIDIA GPU for transportation (planes, trains, and automobiles?) This will be there.
  • Canonical Hall 4-600
  • Kioxia Hall 3A-117
  • Lattice Semiconductor Hall 4-528 & 4-630
  • and others, will update to add them


128? Coincidence we got that number, given the number of cores we have on a SoC?

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