Intro: Dave Neary

I just realized I hadn’t introduced myself yet! Let’s fix that now :slight_smile:

Name: Dave Neary
Title/Job Description: Director of Developer Relations
Company: Ampere Computing
Location/Country: Massachusetts, USA, by way of Lyon, France and Ireland
First AArch64 device: That I knew about? Probably the Nokia 770.
Twitter Handle: @nearyd
Other Social Media: /
Favorite Book: Who can pick one? I regularly re-read Brave New World and Fahrenheit 451, so probably those.
Favourite Movie: Hard question! I could probably name a top 100… One that comes to mind is Full Metal Jacket. I’m a big Kubrick fan, and that’s my favourite Kubrick movie.

I’ve been involved in open source communities for over 25 years, starting with learning Linux and getting involved with my local LUG in Dublin, Ireland - I come to Ampere by way of the GNU Image Manipulation Program, GNOME, a VoIP project (now defunct) called OpenWengo, maemo, MeeGo, and most recently, just shy of a decade in the Open Source Programs Office at Red Hat. Looking forward to growing a helpful and pleasant community around AArch64 servers in the cloud and data center.


On second thoughts, I can’t pick a favourite movie. I can pick one per genre.

  • Western : Once Upon a Time in the West
  • War movie: Full Metal Jacket
  • Sports theme: Maybe Moneyball? I like a lot of sports movies
  • Fantasy: The Princess Bride
  • GenX: Pump Up the Volume! I know a lot of people would pick Ferris Bueller or The Breakfast Club, but I quite like Christian Slater & Samantha Mattis’ s schtick in this. Although Grosse Point Blank is definitely in the conversation!
  • Thriller: I loved Ms. Sloane, a Jessica Chastain movie about lobbying and political corruption.

Ummm - I like movies, I watch quite a few.


Great movie choices, Dave. More than anything though, I appreciate you reminding me that I still owe it to myself to read Brave New World.