Intro - Ed Vielmetti

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Name: Ed Vielmetti
Title/Job Description: Developer Partner Manager, Open Source Partner Program
Company: Equinix
Location/Country: US
First AArch64 device: Cavium ThunderX, Raspberry Pi 3
Other Social Media: , , et al (several accounts)
Favorite Book/Movie/Song/TV Show: Systemantics (How Systems Work And How They Fail), John Gall

I started the “Works on Arm” project at Packet, which was acquired by Equinix in 2020.

Amateur radio operator W8EMV, and a bicyclist when I can be; working on ways to operate the radio bicycle mobile, ideally on HF so I have some substantial effective range.


Hello Ed, nice to see you here! :wave:


Hi Ed, great to have you with us! Always a pleasure to see another member of the open-source community joining.

There’s an interesting exchange about favorite industry events in another section.

I’m very interested in hearing about any and all open-source events as Ampere AI is looking to establish closer ties with the community, something that’s only natural given some of the characteristics of our software.


Welcome Ed. When you have a moment, could you post on how people can get access to a AArch64 bare metal server from Equinix?