Mt. Collins Sale- 160 Core server

I know that most people love the workstation or kit version of the Ampere hardware, but ASA Computers is doing a close out sale on the Mt. Collins server.

1x Mt Collins 2U24 NVMe MP L6 system
2x Q80-30 SoCs (80 core, 3.0Ghz)
2x 16GB DIMMs
1x 960GB PCIe M.2 SSD

Check out the flyer below for more details.

Mt Collins promotion May24.pdf (432.5 KB)

Let us know if you buy one and what you think


Does the EDK2 firmware for Mt Jade run on it? Iā€™d like to make sure it can run open source firmware before buying one.

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you know that if anyone else asked this, I would tag you to see if you knew the answer. :slight_smile:

on this link, at the bottom, it says no open software support.

But at the bottom it says:


Let me ask internally and see if I can get you a real answer.

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This is the answer I received:
We only have open source firmware for Mt. Jade. Mt. Collins only has binary file (AMI solution).

If customer still wants to use open source firmware, porting EDK II from Mt. Jade to Mt. Collins is possible, but needs customer to do that.