Uber's Arm64 journey

Hi all!

Uber just posted a detailed blog post about their ongoing journey to moving some of their applications to Arm64: Bootstrapping Uber’s Infrastructure on arm64 with Zig | Uber Blog

I thought there were some interesting snippets! Most of the focus is on bootstrapping, building internal toolchains, topics like that… In any case, well worth a read! And I’ll be looking for more Arm64 content from Uber in the future.


Thanks for the link, the article has quite a lot of interesting details. :+1:

Co-author here. Thanks @dneary for posting it here, I wasn’t aware of this forum before. :slight_smile:

Obviously Uber’s eng blog and this forum are quite different audiences, so happy to answer more AArch64-specific questions if they come up. Or visit SYCL and next month and ping me. :slight_smile: