Windows Arm Ampere Altra guide

Windows on Arm Ampere Altra home builds is a thing so adding it to Arm developer build guide for Ampere Altra. Share your insights and I’ll roll it up into the build guide.

Windows 11 24H2, Windows Server 2025 Insider Preview install and work fine. Main issue is lack of drivers but people are working on that. Not yet officially supported though Azure and their customers run huge Windows workloads in production on Azure Arm Ampere Altra instances all the live long day.

One approach I’ve noticed many doing successfully is digging into the list of Windows on Arm device drivers, finding which chips are supported because they’re used in Surface, laptops, et al. and then finding PCIe cards with those chips on Newegg, Amazon, et al.

h/t @geerlingguy for so many things
. Everything I've learned building the fastest Arm desktop | Jeff Geerling
. Ampere Altra Max - Windows, GPUs, and Gaming | Jeff Geerling

And thanks to our ADLINK friends too

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Hi! Is there any sort of NVIDIA driver in Windows yet? I have gotten rumblings that there is one floating around under the radar that is being previewed and that a general release is imminent for ARM especially with Oryon/Snapdragon X hitting the market.

can neither confirm nor deny …

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