Adding AArch64 to your GitHub CI with GitHub Actions and Ampere Altra

If you, like millions of other software developers, use GitHub to manage and share your projects, there’s a good chance that you are already familiar with GitHub’s inbuilt CI tooling, GitHub Actions. This is an easy way to trigger a “build-and-test" cycle from a “git push” to your main branch. In this article, we will walk through using a custom runner on an Ampere A1 instance on Oracle Cloud to build and test your project on AArch64. In a future article, we will build on this introduction to produce a downloadable container artifact automatically in the process.

A nice compliment to this article was this blog post about building multi-arch container images using GitHub Actions from Naftuli Kay of SADA: Docker images for ARM on Google Cloud with GitHub Actions | The SADA Engineering Blog

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