Alex Ellis - a retrospective on 4 months of a CNCF pilot

Alex Ellis put together a great overview of what has come out of the Actuated pilot funded by the CNCF, Ampere, and Equinix.

Among the highlights:

  • OpenTelemetry has added Arm64 support and Arm64 CI builds
  • Through its use of Actuated, up to five etcd contributors can now focus their time and energy elsewhere
  • The pilot has so far run over 70,000 minutes of CI tasks on Ampere servers hosted by Equinix
  • Numerous improvements in reporting have enabled projects to right-size VMs for their needs, manage a “thundering herd” problem caused by a weekly Dependabot run, and report quickly when build times change significantly to catch issues in the build process
  • Key building blocks of the container ecosystem (container runtimes runc, cri-o, and containerd) now have a more secure software supply chain

It has been great to see the improvements that this initiative has been able to drive!