Do you work with a CNCF project? Ampere, Equinix, Actuated, and CNCF project

Ampere, Equinix, Actuated, and CNCF announced a one year pilot of actuated’s managed Arm CI. It is open to CNCF projects and uses Equinix’s Ampere Altra servers via credits that Equinix provides to CNCF projects. And all of this is up and running in time for KubeCon!

Have questions, ask @vielmetti or @dneary here and check out Alex Ellis’ blog post below.

This is one of my favorite quotes:

Thanks to @selfactuated, Atuin now has very speedy ARM docker builds in our GitHub actions! Thank you @alexellisuk 🙏

Docker builds on QEMU: nearly 90 mins
Docker builds on ARM with Actuated: ~3 mins

— Ellie Huxtable (@ellie_huxtable) October 20, 2023

That is about 3.3 % of the original time.


I do think the project needs a name, logo, and some cool t-shirts. Any ideas? :slight_smile: