Rebecca Cran is tweeting her journey with Ampere Dev kit

Community member @bexcran (Rebecca Cran) is tweeting about her adventure in setting up the Dev Kit
Check it out here:

And she has set up a wiki to collect her learnings. Please read and of course add in your thoughts. These two products are so new that there isn’t a lot of documentation, so this type of help is invaluable to the community!


May be I need to create a category for the Dev Platform and Dev Kits, I don’t think I can keep up with people tweeting about receiving theirs. :slight_smile:

Here is another from Brno, Czech Republic-

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Joe pointed out that AADK - docs – I-Pi SMARC is supposed to be like a wiki, since there are files at GitHub - ADLINK-COM/docs-ipi-wiki which anyone can submit pull requests against.

Unfortunately those are generated from markdown sources (apparently using Hexo 5.4.0) and so aren’t very usable. Joe is working with ADLINK to try and get the markdown sources made available.

So for now I’m not sure if I should continue adding to my wiki or if I should wait and contribute to the pages instead.

hmmm… yeah the great question, should I continue but I don’t want to create something that is just going to be thrown out.
Can you copy and paste your items to the adlink wiki once its ready or would that be too much work? Or is the formatting too different?

Sure, I can copy and paste from my wiki to the adlink one if/when it’s ready.
I’m writing my pages in the WYSIWYG editor, but it’s easy to edit markdown files to add formatting.

So many nice tools. Wiki.js might tempt me away from using Tiddlywiki