ARM and Ampere in the data centre (en français)

Hello everybody! If you happen to speak French, you might be interested in this podcast interview with Sébastien Luttringer, the head of R&D at Scaleway (a European cloud provider), where he talks about deploying ARM and Ampere machines. They discuss AMP2 use-cases, energy profiles, and what some of the differences and challenges of managing and deploying these sorts of machines at a data centre-scale.

Bonne écoute ! :slight_smile:


Merci Dan! I will give it a listen. Is “La Compagnon du DevOps” a popular podcast?

Is “La Compagnon du DevOps” a popular podcast?

It’s not huge but they have a dedicated following. :slight_smile:


Oh, I wish I spoke French. :smiley: Not just for this podcast, but especially to read the works of Moliere and watch The Diving Bell and the Butterfly in the original language.

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