BOINC grid computing

I’ve been having a look at some of the projects around that will support Aarch64 for voluntary Grid Computing. Off the back of the Raspberry Pi, BOINC has an Arm client and several projects I have previously contributed to have workloads suitable for running on the Arm build client.

Rosetta@Home is protein folding simulation for disease research. Lots of workloads to be done there.

LHC@Home Sixtrack beam simulation occasionally has work to be done but not at the moment.

If there’s interest in banding together we could form an Ampere CPU team. I’m currently in one of the ARM teams.

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That sounds interesting… Would the team be made up of people who have one of the dev kits?

Dev Kits, ASRR or Rack Mounts. I’m not choosy :slight_smile:


Nice idea!
I was in the ARM team for Covid research years ago with my little fleet of aarch64 boards…


Same here. Both small boards and large boxes ran those workloads. :slight_smile:


These were good times with you and Sahaj, @davidt . :hugs:

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One of the last things I did at Intel was turn some of their “spare” super compute clusters onto Folding@Home. They chewed through quite a bit of protein simulation time. It’s a shame Intel didn’t keep that kind of thing up after I left :frowning:

We actually had a pair of Ampere eMag boxes on the Covid research team, if I remember correctly. Which reminds me, I should look for some de-commissioned eMags on eBay, wonder if there are any cheap ones floating around by now :thinking:

Nothing on fleaBay at the moment. There was a Altra Q80-30 SoC a while back that got bid up to EUR400 ish.