Hello, world. The Ampere Porting Advisor - now on github

As a means to aid in architectural transitions, our Ampere team has been working on providing tools to help software migration. The Ampere Porting Advisor (APA) is one such tool and we’re proud to say is now released on Ampere’s Github (GitHub - AmpereComputing/ampere-porting-advisor).

This is a command line tool that analyzes source code for known code patterns and dependency libraries and generates a report showing incompatible or unoptimized runtimes or libraries and provides recommendations for best experience on Ampere processors. It does not make code modifications, it doesn’t make API level recommendations, nor does it send data back to Ampere.

APA currently supports C/C++, Fortran, Golang, Python3, and Java. It can be run in a containerized manner, a Python script, or as a prebuilt binary.

Looking forward to your feedback!


I have to give it a try.
Thanks! :pray:

I tried to build the docker image on my WSL2 machine but failed.
I have opened a bug.

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