Intro - Adrian Vladu

Hello, Adrian Vladu from Cloudbase Solutions here.

Title/Job Description: Cloud Engineer
Location/Country: Romania
First AArch64 device: Nokia E Series (32 bit, got a small collection), Rasp. Pies as first 64s.
Other Social Media: ader1990 (ader1990) / Repositories · GitHub
Favorite Book/Movie/Song/TV Show: District 9

Been working for a while (more than 10 years) in bridging Linux and Windows technologies. Currently maintainer of a few open source projects, most notable cloudbase-init (the equivalent of cloud-init used mainly for Windows).

Glad to be here!


great seeing you at CfgmgmtCamp…
Please post some links to the projects that you and Cloudbase have done with Altra servers.

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Hello @Aaron, glad seeing you too in Ghent.

Cloudbase Solutions has been working with Ampere servers to make sure that OpenStack / Windows integration works well and many more since late 2020.

We have a series of nice blog posts:

OpenStack on ARM64 including LBs:

Review of the Altra (first part):

Thank you and I hope you will find the posts useful.