FOSSY 2024-CFP is Open - We need your help

Hello everyone,

Once again, we are hosting a track at FOSSY and we need your help! The CFP just opened and closes on Friday June 14th. Yes, means that it will only be open for two weeks. The event is the first week of August (1st – 4th), in Portland, OR.

Here is the link to the list of tracks

Last year, the theme was Arm64 was in the cloud and here are its advantages. This year we are moving to the next step, how to get started, who is doing it and how it is helping them, and best practices. But we need your help to find speakers, especially on such short notice.

If you wish to speak, we would love to have you! If you know someone who would be a good speaker, please pass this information to them.

Here is what we submitted, but if you have a good idea and it doesn’t match, please sent it on.

FOSS and arm64; from the Cloud to the Edge
Every major public cloud now has arm64 (Aarch64) servers in their data centers. These servers are high performance, cloud native machines. With their large core counts and low power usage, data centers are moving more and more users to these machines to cut their electricity costs and maximize the amount of compute per rack in the data center. Yet, the Edge also needs high performance low power machines. Whether these are IoT Hubs collecting sensor data on the shop floor or a server at the base of a cell tower for CDN services.
We are looking for talks that will cover one or more of these topics:

  • Case studies/ best practices on Migrating from x86 to arm64- Have you done this? Share your story.
  • Firmware- what has been done and is working today, and what is missing.
  • Performance- how does JAVA, Rust, Golang, etc. compare to x86? Or on 16 cores vs. 190+ cores
  • Tunning/Pinning- How to tune your arm64 server for better performance?
  • Java tunning- the JVM has lots of Tunning options, what works best under what loads.
  • How to get started, where to go for resources, for both FOSS projects and individuals
  • From the DC perspective- What is like to run arm64 servers from an in house DC to a public Cloud
  • Multiple Architectures- Best practices for mixing arm64 and x86
  • AI and the environment
  • AI: GPU vs. CPU
  • arm64 on the Edge
  • Environmental Concerns-