FOSSY- Portland

This year the software freedom conservancy is going to host the Free and Open Source Software Yearly conference (July 13-16th 2023). They are modeling a lot of it on FOSDEM. I am going to apply for a dev room for the community. So a couple of questions:

  1. Anyone available/ willing to help?
  2. what should we name the DevRoom?
  3. Would you be able to speak at the event?

If you have had experience submitting a Dev Room request in the past, please let me know.

@ramereth this might be a good chance for your students to attend/speak at an OSS event.

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I am moving to the Portland area 1st week of June. I’m not a SW expert but happy to represent our brand if help is needed (and if the event is after my move date, of course :slight_smile: )


the event is July 13-16th 2023 (forgot to add that to the original post). So it looks like you will be in Portland… and we would love to have you…

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We got accepted, so we will have at least a one day track. I will post a more detailed post in a little bit, but I wanted share the news. So if you:

  • want to help organize
  • want to speak
  • have a topic that you would like to see (even if you can’t go)
  • a speaker that you would like to see

Please post here as we start planning.


Well done Aaron, that’s awesome. :partying_face:

Happy to help review sessions, I’ll also be submitting a few.

If you need more help, please reach out.


invite should be in your email.