Are you submitting to FOSDEM or KubeCon EU?

Just wondering if anyone in the community is submitting for FOSDEM or KubeCon EU and if so, what are you are submitting on. I have submitted one to the community dev room (for FOSDEM) and will submit one or two more. Remember alot of the deadlines are coming up soon, with many being Dec 1.

KubeCon’s deadline is 26 November. And for many people in the States Thanksgiving is coming up next week.

One of the things to remember, most conferences like it when two people submit who are diverse from each other (demographics, company, technical background, etc.), so if you are looking for someone, this is a good place to post that…

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I would love to, but the CI/CD room got merged with the testing room, so it will be difficult to get a slot.

I wonder if there is another room that we could go in with you on.

I was thinking Virtualization and Cloud Infrastructure, but that is really about Xen, KVM, QEMU, etc.

What about Monitoring and Observability? Or Containers?

Thanks, Aaron.
Containers would fit (well I think this room would fit until I read their CfP manifesto I guess). :wink:

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