FOSDEM '24 In Brussels

Who is going to FOSDEM 2024?

We will be at:
Centos Connect Feb 1 & 2
FOSDEM Feb 3 & 4
ConfigMtg Camp in Ghent - Feb 3-7 where both @dneary and myself are speaking.

Let us know if you are attending. I am trying to find a place to on Sunday for at least drinks, but not sure if it will come through.

Our next big events will be KubeCon EU in Paris March 17-21 and then we divide up with @dneary and @ppouliot being in Vegas for Google Next and I am at DevNexus in Atlanta the week of 8 April.

Create a new topic here in ‘Events’ and let everyone know where you are traveling to and/or speaking at.

I am open for a meeting on Friday or Saturday in Brussels. Planning to be at CentOS Connect for a moment (landing on 13:20).

Leaving on Sunday so right from ULB I will go to the airport (flight at 20:55).

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