Ampere Community Get Together at FOSDEM

****Change in plans ****** (1 Feb 2024)

We will be at Au Bon Voeux Temps on Saturday at 7 pm (19:00). If you come by we will buy you at beer!!



Thanks a lot for this initiative. :hugs:

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I’m looking forward to it! My first time back at FOSDEM since 2020.


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I will skip. At that time I will be at the BRU airport.

Based on feedback from folks, it seems a lot of the people we were hoping to get together are leaving on Sunday, so we are moving this up to Saturday evening - venue and time to be decided! Looking forward to seeing you all there. @hrw @poddingue @dan_scaleway @jonathan @avladu @t-lo spread the word!


Hello, will be there!

Ouch… I have already agreed to go to the Google Summer of Code event on Saturday night, as I’m a mentor and org admin for the Jenkins project.
Anyway, depending on the start time at Google, I may be able to join the Ampere Community “get-together,” but won’t be able to stay for very long. :person_shrugging:

Better decide quickly. Saturday is always busy - lot of events, lot of friends to meet.


Anything decided?

sorry we have been traveling and we are now in Brussels at the CentOS event.

We will be at Au Bon Voeux Temps on Saturday at 7 pm (19:00)


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@avladu @poddingue @hrw
see the change at the top…

Will be there then ;D