All Things Open - who's going?

Hi folks. If you’re going to All Things Open, please swing by the FreeBSD Foundation booth and say hello. Ampere has been kind enough to loan us a server. I’d love to connect with others in this community, hear about the kinds of things you use Ampere for, and answer any questions you may have about FreeBSD.

Hope to see you there.

+1 919 247 3165


I wish I could, I have heard nothing but great things about it.

I know the ARM Dev Rel team is there or at least @mhall119 (Michael Hall) is. They would love to see the server. :slight_smile:

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Indeed I would! I’ll be giving a talk on Monday and will be sure to let everybody know that they can see it at your both @GregWallace !

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Awesome! I or my colleague will try to come to your session.


Hi Greg!

How was the event? I saw on social media (Mastodon or Twitter, don’t remember) that you were there, and showing off Ampere hardware - what was the reaction to it? Did @mhall119 come find you? :slight_smile:



The event was really good and yes, the server absolutely drew people in! People were interested in the FreeBSD on Ampere story and there seemed to be quite a bit of awareness to Ampere’s strengths in performance and efficiency. I attended NetApp INSIGHT two weeks ago and green(er) computing was a theme throughout their talks and it is definitely something the enterprises in attendance care about alot.

Very grateful for the support.

I was only at the booth sporadically and did not myself speak with @mhall119


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