KubeCon EU - Paris- Are you Going?

We are going to be at KubeCon EU and Rejekts events in Paris. Rejekts is March 17-18 and KubeCon is March 19-22. (I did apply to speak at Rejekts but was rejected, or as @ppouliot said, “I got ReRejekted.” I think that will be a good t-shirt)

For Rejekts, we will be attending talks, so please find us. At KubeCon EU, we will be in many booths and wondering around. So please find us.

Is there anyone out there speaking? If so when? Working a booth? Let us know where.

A bunch of us at Fermyon have talks at pre-day events Tuesday and also during regular KubeCon. I think one person on the team may be at Rejekts, but I am not sure. We’ve got a booth as well and would love to see any of y’all there!

We’ve been experimenting on our Ampere setup, so we should have some performance numbers for running Spin on Ampere as well!

cool. Would love to meet up with you at Rejekts (and of course the rest of the week).

And of course we would love to see the performance numbers!