Intro - Andy Ernest

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Name: Andy Ernest
Title/Job Description: CEO, Hydroinfomatics Technology
Company: Open Environment, PLLC / RATES, Inc
Location/Country: McAllen, TX, USA
First AArch64 device: RPi 4
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Other Social Media:
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I run a technology-based R&D non-profit along with a sister engineering services/tech transfer company. I’m heavily invested in developing and deploying hybrid (cloud <> edge) machine learning applications in environmental & water resource informatics. I’m working with 4 Wiwynn SV328R Mt. Jade servers and a Gigabyte MP72-HB0-based workstation, along with a mix of RPi and RK3588 edge devices to try to roll out the infrastructure.


Welcome onboard, Andy! :wave:

Thanks for the welcome.

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And wow, you are working with a wide range of ARM machines… Mt Jade servers to RPis… :slight_smile:

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