Intro - David Tischler

Name: David Tischler
Title/Job Description: Developer Program Manager
Company: Edge Impulse
Location/Country: Phoenix, United States
First AArch64 device: LeMaker HiKey (the original one)
Twitter Handle: david_tischler_

Hey all, I think most of you know me already, but for those that don’t…I have been a part of the Arm Linux ecosystem for a long time now, usually complaining that we need standards such as UEFI on the small Arm devices so that developers can just use them like any other normal PC, instead of having to fight with kernels, device trees, boot loaders at special locations in special partitions flashed with special utilities, etc. :wink:

By day, I work at Edge Impulse, taking care of our community, so I know how developer ecosystems play a critical role in product adoption. I generally work more with TinyML than the big AI/ML that Ampere boxes can handle though, ha.

Some areas for exploration this year will perhaps be Nvidia Omniverse, SOAFEE, and/or Edge-to-Cloud AI pipelines, but we’ll see how far I get.



Hello David, nice to see you there! :wave:

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