Intro - Dylan Green

Name: Dylan Green
Title/Job Description: Software Engineer/Devops Engineer
Company: Obsidian Systems
Location/Country: St.Louis, MO, USA
First AArch64 device: Some old Android phone, then a RPi 3 B (I think)
Twitter Handle: @cidkidnix
Other Social Media: Github

I mostly reside in the Nix/NixOS ecosystem along with programming in Haskell!

Currently I drive an x86_64 computer, though I’ll be switch over to an ARM-based desktop here soon enough. Used to run a honeycomb lx2k daily, though it wasn’t a great experience. Recently acquired an ADLINK Ampere Board which is what will be my main desktop in the coming weeks (maybe months).

I’ve been slowly pushing for desktop-level aarch64-linux support at the place I currently work at. Luckily we did a somewhat-rewrite of our build path recently so now aarch64-linux is almost completely supported! Though not a company-supported architecture

Slowly moving towards doing Firmware/EDK2 development, though I haven’t found the time recently to toy with it a ton.


Hello Dylan, and welcome to this community :wave:

I’ve had a Honeycomb LX2K sitting next to me for a few months now, and I haven’t found time to build it. :blush:

Best of luck with your Adlink board, that should go smoother than with the SolidRun. :hugs:


Welcome @cidkidnix . If you have questions on the Adlink board, ask them here. A number of members have gotten it up and running.
Also, let us know how it goes.

Had pretty good luck over last weekend, though I still need to modify the EDK2 instance to support the x86 GOPs on my GPU (when I get time at least)