Intro - Stewart X Addison

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Name: Stewart X Addison
Title/Job Description: Project lead at (Java), Build (and other) workgroup member at
Company: Red Hat
Location/Country: UK
First AArch64 device: Either a phone or Raspberry Pi 3
Twitter Handle: @sxaTech
Other Social Media:

Currently using a variety of ARM systems ranging from the ODROID-XU4/HC1 (8-core) through raspberry pis, JetSon Nano, A55 through Mac M1 and up to Ampere Altra systems through working with Ed Vielmetti and the WorksOnArm Project

We provide freely available JDKs and Node.js runtimes for arm32 and aarch64 which are mostly built on Ampere Altra systems which is why I’m here - looking to keep on top of what’s happening in this space while we build and make available the software that runs on these systems.

I’m also interested in the RISC-V space, but I guess that’s not so much for discussion here :wink:


Nice to see you there Stewart :wave:


Welcome Stewart!

I would imagine that there are many people here that would be interested so you are more than welcome to talk about it. But for me, it isn’t my favorite Architecture. :slight_smile:

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Hey, another Fedora fella - glad we got some NodeJS builds for ARM, and that I now know the go-to guy on it!

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