Open nmt on Ampere arm64 architecture?

About - I know it from x86_64 platforms.

Wondering if anyone has built a version of this framework for machine translation for arm64 to rum on Ampere ?

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Hey @kkrysa @victorj44 anyone one in the Warsaw team had a look at OpenNMT?

It does look like some work has started:

Sorry for taking a while to reply. I’m still putting together an answer to your question in consultation with our engineering team. I hope to get back to you shortly.

no worries, no riush, and it’s end of the month/quarter/world anyway lol we’re all very busy b ut this could be interesting. I’ve seen some responses and other posts about various parts of what’s used by OpenNmt including my colleagues in Paris like Demontaux so it’s exciting to see at least some direction. There’s also other developments, such as the emulation layeer to translate x86_64 code at runtime to map to arm64. Apple has theirs runningas Rosetta. They also just announced being able to run Windows games. I assume that’s powered by Rosetta too, with further going into DirectX/GPU/OpenGL and such. I have to wonder if there’s any compabibility between code made for M1/M2 and the other several platforms that are based on arm64. Is there a common executable layer?

Regarding OpenNMT, you can run it on Ampere. Keep in mind that our software optimizes the performance of inference and won’t provide any additional advantage when it comes to training