Sysreport performance features for Arm Linux

A new Python script which summarizes the performance features available on an Arm Linux machine is now available for you to try. Read the Learning Path to find out how to get it. Please try it on Ampere systems and let us know how it works.


Script assumes ‘perf’ path while it can be installed as /usr/bin/perf.

Would be nice to have cache listed by cpu groups (BIG.little, BIG.middle.little systems).

When tool knows that system booted with DT then giving hints about ACPI does not make sense.

On NUMA system it would be nice to get more details about nodes.

32-bit support is done by checking kernel config… Which does not make sense when distro kernel is used on system without 32-bit support.

That’s from 5 minutes of use.

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Yes, and you may also need to alias ‘python’ to ‘python3’.