The Register's response to Intel saying that Arm PC will be taking over

Basically it says that Arm64 has taken over a lot of fields and with the M1 and M2, Arm PC are here and are growing, plus on the server front Ampere is growing and AWS is growing their Graviton usage.

They may write whatever they want. Qualcomm is going to make Windows on Arm laptop which will not work with Linux anyway.

Then some community members will buy it and go SBC way, create new firmware, write devicetree and slowly start getting Linux running on it.

System which does not boot Windows/Linux/BSD out of the box is yet another SBC (Shitty But Capable).


I disagree, @hrw! I think we’re already seeing Arm devices eating parts of the desktop market in Chromebooks, tablets, Mac desktops, Microsoft developer kits, etc.

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I am tired of “one OS” devices on Arm market.

That’s what Chromebooks, Windows on Arm, MacOS systems are. Their vendors prepared them to run one operating system and do not care does anyone tries to boot something else.

SystemReady SR is the only branch of market which interests me in the Arm world. For now there is nearly nothing there other than Ampere servers (or desktop/workstations built on server motherboards). But this is the only hardware which can boot any Arm ready OS out of the box.

By “out of the box” I mean booting Debian/stable, Fedora/released, FreeBSD stable, RHEL/latest or Ubuntu/LTS, Generic aarch64 ISO stored to USB pendrive, booted without issues.

Same way as we can do it on x86-64 for last 2 decades.

If hardware is not capable of it then I am not interested.


Thank you @hrw !
This is the biggest issue with the x13s.
I was so excited to buy a (more) powerful ARM laptop. Getting Linux running is a struggle and it’s clearly not a first class OS. Its stable and OK now, but it’s a year and half after the laptop was released and we’re just getting things working.

Qualcomm and Lenovo really need to help by at the very least sharing drivers.
Their lack of involvement is criminal, the x13s has so much potential. Even at it’s best aarch64 has a way to go but why throw roadblocks in the way of linux? ::cough:: M$ ::cough::

If laptops get ‘tablet-ized’ and we can’t upgrade the components, or the operating system. What’s the point…

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