Ampere AI + Matoha Case Study: AI Training on CPU Instances Alone

Ampere AI conducted a rather unique case study satisfying AI training performance needs with CPU instances alone. The use of OCI Ampere A1 instances decreased the time needed for training by 30%.

You’ll find more details in a PDF from the OCI Ampere A1 Compute page.

Ampere AI + Matoha Case Study

Matoha makes portable devices for material identification to enable a circular economy in even the world’s most remote regions.

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That’s pretty cool tech from Matoah, will be interesting to see how that scales out to make better use of established resources.

I at least would like to read more case studies - if possible, I’d personally like to see more details in the case studies - computation times, training/testing metrics, node types or cores/speeds to do a more direct comparison, etc.

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I will let @kkrysa answer you specific question, but I will plug Ampere’s Ampere Developer Program page that has a lot of good resources and the AI solutions page Artificial Intelligence Inference Performance and there are many deep dives there.

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