Ampere Altra delidded

This insane 80-Core ARM CPU easily beat a 64 Core Threadripper

Ok another video that I found interesting.

I am not sure if I could delid one of these processors because I would just be too afraid that I would break it. I do disagree that there are issues with running software. Maybe some of the test suites but not actual software that you would use.

This is from der8auer’s English channel: der8auer EN - YouTube

Post the videos that you think that the community will like.


Hetzner is a really interesting site to visit. Great approach to cooling. The effort put into component reuse is very commendable too.

Geekbench 5 :roll_eyes:. If only some of the sub tests were written to scale to the full 80 cores. I was able to get more throughput for some tests when running 80 individual copies of Geekbench 5 pinned to an individual core. Maybe v6 improves now it’s out.

2023-03-02T00:00:00Z Update:
Linux Aarch64 build of Geekbench 6 available for Ubuntu 18 onward. Preview builds have known issues (especially around gathering accurate system information) and may not work everywhere.