Anyone here building out a ESXi / vSphere cluster

Hi All

I’ve been playing around with VMware on ARM / ESXi-Fling and after doing some research, it doesn’t look all that active on Ampere, but it’s documented in various places, e.g
installation guide

So whats the plan, will it get out of preview and if so how long? is there already a need for it? I could see allot of use cases

@dneary or @ppouliot do you have an answer? Or maybe @Erik?

This was just in the news! No long from the sounds of it.

My non-cloud Arm customers just use KVM for virtualization.

I am running the fling on a Mt. Jade server… and a new version was just released September 1st. So even though they are not commiting to productization, work is still ongoing. Biggest issue I have hit is that the TPM driver for ESXi fails to load, so the TPM module cannot be used for Windows on Arm guests… but there are several work arounds for this.


is there any documentation…

Already posted in the thread, but again:

Look on the left side of the page for the project details…
Requirements, changelog, etc.

Oops! Missed this thread.

I hope that things will evolve with VMware - while KVM, Hyper-V, and Xen are great hypervisors, I would love to see ESXi fully supported, and I think you’ll start to see that happen at some point. @Erik is right, there is currently a public stance that they’re not interested, but I also know that plans like this can change over time.