Anyone using Alphacool Eisbaer Pro Aurora liquid cooler?

This cooler is listed in @bexcran 's review of the Asrock Rack board on Newegg.

Direct link to manufacturer’s website:

It is a generic cooler, that can be used with an Ampere Altra, together with this mounting bracket:

Obviously it works for @bexcran but has anyone experienced memory problems with this cooler? My ASRock Rack board is currently in Taiwan to analyze why all memory fails in slots A1-D1. Initially they could not reproduce this error, but they later could, by lowering the pressure on the heatsink they used.

This made me think. The Eisbaer Pro Aurora has a completely flat surface that does not touch the CPU surface.

Thermal pad is required to make sure there is thermal flow. I used this:

But thermal pad might not apply the same pressure on the CPU as direct contact would. It’s not unlikely that the Ampere Altra needs pressure from the heatsink in addition to pressure from the CPU mounting frame.

So to be sure, I ordered this cooler as a replacement:

This cooler was designed for the Ampere Altra, and has the required shape for making direct contact:

I think it is no coincidence that the Ampere Altra mounting frame for the Eisbaer Pro can no longer be ordered from the manufacturer’s website.


Imagine my surprise when I just read @bexcran 's post on X where she shows the exact same Eisblock cooler.


I can now confirm that my ASRock Rack system is finally working using the Eisblock XPX Pro.
With CPU temperature at 23 degrees Celsius while idle.

But most importantly, all of my memory is now recognized thanks to the evenly applied pressure on the CPU surface.

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