Cannot let all core to max frequency on AADK

Hi everyone, I’m currently test a Q80-30 cpu on AADK. But I noticed a performance issue on it.
The max frequency of Q80-30 is 3GHz, but I just cannot set all core to this frequency. When I put some stress to let all core have a 100% load, the frequency of each core will drop to 2.3GHz.(Only some core will reach the max frequency) Finally have a quite low GB5 score: ADLINK Ampere Altra Developer Platform - Geekbench

Does anyone meet this situation before? It seems the COM-HPC-ALT may have set some limit on the power of cpu, so when the load is high the cpu frequency will go down. Is there any solution? Is it possible to make some change on the open-source edk2 and increase the limit and release the max performance?