Do we need more 101-type content?

It was pointed out to me that we don’t have a list of the difference instance types for each CSP that are based on Ampere processors, and their CPU, memory, and storage characteristics, and something simple about how to start an instance through the web portal, CSP command line tool, or automation tools like Ansible, Terraform, Puppet, etc.

On the one hand, I feel like introductory articles/tutorials on “How to get your OCI credentials for a Terraform configuration” or “How to start a VM through the GCP console” are out-of-scope for the Ampere developer site, but on the other hand, it could be the kind of beginner-type information that people who want to try Ampere processors would appreciate.

What do you all think?

Hi Dave,

I think more 101-type content is a good idea. There are probably other places to find similar things, but without it people are likely to find content and get up and running on other architectures. Leaving it to readers to substitute what is different about Ampere doesn’t work great, cloud concepts take time to learn for new users.

The “New? Learn the basics” links such as Get started with Servers and Cloud Computing | Arm Learning Paths score high for views on

Just my thoughts,

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I think I already covered some if this for bare-metal, and happy to cover some for OCI if you all want. On the BareMetal side, any suggestions for additional content is always welcome.

Here is what I have so far;

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Thanks Erik! Part of the dilemma I have is that (as @jasonrandrews alluded to) a lot of this type of content already exists elsewhere like the ARM Developer Hub, or in the documentation of the various CSPs. Is there value in reproducing that content, or does it make more sense to curate links to 101-type content that is housed elsewhere in a “Getting started” section?

It’s there, but also some of that content is outdated too. It’s a constant challenge to keep content relevant and current.

On the same note, how much traffic us hitting the community site, and is the content indexed by Google?

The site is host by discourse and it is indexed by Google (why we are using this forum vs. slack or discord). We get 2.5k views a month, although I would expect more as more people come back from vacations. You can also tell when questions are asked and answered because there is a spike in activity. Thus the more that people post or comment, the more people who come. (which is what you would expect).