What are you doing for Pi Day?

Here is the link to the replay on YouTube.

This will go out to the Ampere Developer email list, if you would like to sign up, just fill out the form.

Pi Day is Tuesday 3/14 and we wanted to remind you to keep an hour free to join our awesome 60-minute session, “Zero to a Cloud Native Application in 60 minutes” on how to get started with Oracle’s Ampere A1 Always Free Tier on an Oracle Cloud Instance. In this session, you will learn how to build a real-world WordPress instance, using Docker Containers, nginx, and MySQL DB, and then improve its performance using Redis as a PHP object store.

Please join us as Peter Pouliot and Bhakti Hinduja from Ampere Computing join Eli Schilling from Oracle to show you how to get started with Ampere A1 and OCI’s always free tier. You will learn how to:

• Deploy a complex multi-container application using docker-compose to an Ampere A1 instance on OCI
• Use nginx as a reverse proxy for a web application
• Configure and initialize a MySQL database
• Improve the performance of a WordPress instance by using a Redis instance as a PHP object store

There are three available sessions to choose from, based upon your location and you will want to sign up for your Always Free instance before the session starts.


After the session, please share with the Ampere/AArch64 community your Pi Day creations.

Don’t forget, May the 4th is less than six weeks away!

See you there,
Ampere Community


My #PiDay2023 post is here, and live!


Thanks Erik- This is really cool. I will need to do this because I have always wondered if the internet at my house slows down around 3 pm when kids get home from school and then around 9 pm as everyone is on their phones.

From a previous year’s Pi day, nom nom.