Intro - Colt Smith

Name: Colt Smith
Title/Job Description: Network Administrator
Location/Country: Texas, United States
First AArch64 device: Raspberry Pi
Favorite Book/Movie/TV Show: Pride and Prejudice/Hunt for Red October/ST:TNG

I’m a workstation junkie, enthralled with how companies design and build heavier duty desktops, and trying to modify them. I love working with stranger hardware, and by day working with enterprise networking gear. Started working with arm boards with some odroids and when the wandboard was around (I miss those). I tinker with Arduino’s, mainly with the high speed teensy boards.


Hello Colt, and welcome :wave:

Workstation junkie

I like that! :heart_eyes:

Welcome! What do you use the teensy boards for?

Some miscellaneous nerd projects. I’m using one to drive 3 RGB led panels to make a replica of the scrolling marquee on one of the trains on the NYC metro for a friend, I’m using another one that will hopefully one day be a semi-working star trek tricorder, goofy, I know, but I’m learning a lot in C++ applying it to strange things. I’m also trying to learn to get canbus working between them to use in a robot, but that is a slow thing for me. Programming is not my forte, but I do seem to like it.

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