Intro - Dennis Gilmore

Name: Dennis Gilmore
Title/Job Description: Engineering Manager
Company: Red Hat
Location/Country: USA
First AArch64 device: Applied Micro “Mustang” (X-C1)
Twitter Handle:
Other Social Media: Dennis Gilmore ( - Fosstodon
Favorite Book/Movie/Song/TV Show: tough, but probably Stargate SG1

I spent many years in Fedora as a release engineer and helped bootstrap 32-bit hardware floating point Arm and AArch64. I still have my first 32-bit Arm board, a BeagleBoard with 128MiB of ram. Today my day job is supporting OpenShift on Multiple Architectures. I helped advocate for distro booting in U-Boot and have pushed for cross-distro standardisation. I happen to use an Ampere powered box as my primary workstation, bugs and all.