Intro - Danielle Lancashire

Name: Danielle Lancashire
Title/Job Description: Principal Software Engineer
Company: Fermyon Technologies
Location/Country: Berlin, Germany
First AArch64 device: the first generation RaspberryPi
LinkedIn: Danielle Lancashire - Fermyon Technologies | LinkedIn
Twitter Handle:
Other Social Media: danielle 🏳️‍🌈 ( - Toot.Cat
Favorite Book: either “When Breath Becomes Air” or “The Soul of a New Machine”
Movie: Hackers (1995)
Song: Stop! by Against Me or Blackbird by Alter Bridge
TV Show: Sense8

Some of you may know me from my work on orchestration tools like Nomad and Kubernetes, but currently I’m mostly working on bringing WebAssembly to the cloud :sweat_smile: - my focus on sustainability and efficiency here means a lot of testing on ARM.

My desktop is AMD based, but I have a lot of ARM in my life too (including the very silly Windows ARM Developer Kit). My main remote workstation is Ampere Altra Q80-30 based, but I’d like to pick up an Ampere Developer Platform box at some point (if I can find one without shipping it from the USA :sweat_smile:).


Welcome to the community, Danielle!

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Welcome! I’m hoping we can talk a little about your Spin performance testing here too… Many minds knowing more than any one person and all that. I’d love to see more performance tuning related content!

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