Intro - Erik Benner

Name: Erik Benner
Title/Job Description: VP Enterprise Transformation aka Head Geek
Company: Mythics
Location/Country: Georgia, USA
First AArch64 device: Raspberry Pi
Twitter Handle: @erik_benner

Favorite Book/Movie/Song/TV Show: Tough one. Probably Star Trek DS-9.

I’m I DBA/Linux/Cloud guy, and published author. I mainly work with Oracle Linux ( It’s free) but also play with Ubuntu on occasion. I also work a bit with Oracle’s Cloud and AWS. Databases are MySQL and Oracle… with some Postgres. I’m always looking for folks to collab with on community projects and am very experienced with public speaking at IT conferences. Need a speaker for a conference… ask :slight_smile:

On the fun side, I own an Observatory, with multiple telescopes!