Intro - Igor Pecovnik

Title/Job Description: embedded SW / manager
Company: Armbian, former Aviat Networks
Location/Country: Ljubljana, Slovenia
First AArch64 device: Odroid C2, all others before were 32bit
Books: Bookreads

Linux user since day 0, electronics, ham radio … developing and managing Armbian Linux.


Welcome Igor, nice to see you there (too). :grin:
Thank you so much for your work on Armbian, which I use on a daily basis (on aarch64 of course, but also armv7 and even risc-v. :heart_eyes:

Thank you! Yeah, its a small world. :innocent:

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Hi Igor, welcome aboard.
With a name like Le Potato board I had to see what it was. Thanks for fixing the dead link on the Armbian site.

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