Intro - Konstantinos Margaritis

Name: Konstantinos Margaritis
Title/Job Description: CTO
Company: VectorCamp
Location/Country: Greece
First AArch64 device: RPi 400
Twitter Handle: freevec1
Other Social Media:
Favorite Book/Movie/Song/TV Show: LOTR

I’m a Debian Developer since 1999 and a SIMD enthusiast.
I’ve done the original bootstrapping of the Debian armhf port (on a number of Genesi Efika MX systems) and helped fixing some bugs in packages for both the powerpc and armhf ports.
I did the original SIMD port of the Eigen library for Altivec/VSX, Neon/ASIMD, s390x Z Vector architectures.
I’ve been optimizing software with SIMD since 2004, on almost every architecture, from x86 (SSE/AVX/AVX512), to Arm Neon/SVE/SVE2, Power (Altivec/VSX) and even s390x (Z Vector).

In 2020, I co-founded my company, VectorCamp and we basically do SIMD optimizations as professional service to companies for every architecture.

Arm is one of our main customers. Under a contract from Arm we have forked and maintain the Vectorscan project, wrote multiple Learning Paths for, helped with the high bit-depth color optimizations for video codecs libvpx (VP9) and libaom (AV1).

For this reason we use a number of Arm systems, including 2 Ampere systems, the Asrock Rack ALTRAD8UD-1L2T system with a Q80-30 Altra and a dual socket Gigabyte MP72-HB0 with 2x Q80-30 Altra CPUs.

On my free time, I collect retro computers and I play some tennis.