Ken Moini / kemo

Name: Ken Moini
Title/Job Description: Sr Specialist Solutions Architect / I take customer requests and try to build things and make stuff happen.
Company: Red Hat
Location/Country: Florida, USA
First AArch64 device: RPi…ok, no no…Macbook Pro M1 Max? *ducks for cover*
Got an AADP 128-core and AVA Developer Platform 32-core on the way though!

Twitter Handle: @ kenmoini
Other Social Media: @ kenmoini
Personal Site:

Favorite Book/Movie/Song/TV Show: Count of Monte Cristo / October Sky / Sharon Tate, Despite Everything by The Sound of Animals Fighting / Stargate, all of them

Howdy gang, Ken Moini, friends call me Kemo. I work with some extremely fun customers around some awesome technology during the day, and then during other parts of the day I build things - most junk, some not as junk.

The cloud is pretty much just an implementation challenge at this part, it’s boring to me now. Looking forward to what’s new and exciting to me, I’m working on making ARM more accessible amongst my peers and building some solutions on top and comparing it to contemporary chips to define the deltas.

I’ve got a couple projects defined around computer vision & environmental controls, mobile identity & end-user computing consumption, and agriculture tech with a focus on driving high efficiency workloads at the edge on what is largely shaping out to be mostly Ampere and some microcontrollers.
Trying to work through incorporating a few DPUs and TPUs as well, so really trying to “break the mold” as they say - but often don’t write I guess cause “mold” is just never pleasant in any context to read…

Anywho, excited to jump into this community, looking forward to collaborating and learning amongst some similar enthusiasts!


Hello Ken, and welcome to this community :wave:

You listed some very interesting projects in your introduction, that’s super cool!

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Thanks - I should have some comparisons/demonstrations/samples soon after I get some of this gear my buddy @JoeSpeed got me hooked on! :smile:


he tends to do that. Can wait to see what you do with it.

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