Misleading password requirement for Mt. Collins BMC

I’m trying to set up a 2U Mt. Collins NVMe system with firmware version 0.32.211101.

I can log into the BMC, but if I try to change the default password via the web UI, I get error
Server error encountered. Error in modifying user [code: 1246]. After trial and error, it seems to be the case that I need special characters in the password.

However, the password requirements just says special characters are allowed.

  • Name must be a string of 1 to 16 alpha-numeric characters.
  • It must start with an alphabetical character.
  • It is case-sensitive.
  • Special characters ‘-’(hyphen), ‘_’(underscore), ‘@’(at sign) are allowed.

Interesting! I do not know very much about the constraints on BMC password setting, but perhaps @bexcran knows more and can either let our docs team know about the issue or point you to the right place?

Is the BMC running OpenBMC, or MegaRAC?

The BMC is running MegaRAC

Sorry, in that case I don’t know about the password requirements.
Unfortunately I only know about OpenBMC.

Just tried password : Admin123456789) , the password is ok.

The latest BMC for Mt. Collins is 0.45.3, suppose your board is MP version, not DVT, please use the latest version.