ASRock Rack Ampere home builds

The Marvell 88W8897 is an AzureWave AW-CB178NF connected to the second m.2 key m via an adapter. I tracked this one down on the Microsoft page for Windows on ARM NXP, then got the drivers mentioned from the NXP Windows BSP. You seem to have to right click and install via the .inf, but it works fine afterwards.

I’ve included some shots with the massive ASUS Vega Strix card removed to illustrate the setup a bit more. I wanted the res and pump hidden in this build so the lines run through the back of the chassis to the res under the plastic cover for the PSU. The rad is an x-flow rad. It was a massive pain to run those lines.



I see you went North! That is the classiest case in the market. It is like Danish mid-century modern.

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FSP FC210 Power Distribution Board
FSP550-20FM AC/DC Converter 12V 500W

Very cool! I considered using a server-grade power supply in my build but went with an ATX one instead.
Do you have the PMBus cable connected to the motherboard? I’ve been wondering what data is available through it.

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What’s the “USB 2.0 Hub” adapter thing connected to the blue USB3 connector?

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@cypou @shadethegrey the JONSBO D31 case’s big brother JONSBO D41 will better fit the ASRock Rack board.

Yes, I connected the pmbus connector on the motherboard.
Initially, I thought that I would be able to monitor the server power consumption from the BMC.
But, within OpenBMC I get no data at all.

Do you know how it is supposed to work ?


I presumed it would show up in the BMC web interface too.

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Dumpster Dive Build for the ALTRAD8U.

Sporting a Q64-30 and a board straight from Server Factory UK.
Vital statistics:

  • Asus chassis, front LCD display and switch gear for free from the municipal recycling centre. 2010 vintage.
  • Power supply robbed from a half dead Core i7 tower system c.2014.
  • Water cooler that occasionally gurgles, £20 from fleabay.
  • Plywood cooling block mounting plate artisinally hand crafted in my garage.

Runs, LLaMA 8B Instruct, Mixtral 8x 7B in Llamafile using Cosmopolitan libc (check it out!). Will soon be using a LlamaIndex docker image for RAG DB and creating an electronic version of me in text format.


OMG I love this so much! :rofl::rofl::rofl: If only you’d posted this earlier.

@bexcran that one is just an Aliexpress special. It gets from the USB3 header on the board to 2 x USB2 headers. It’s needed for the usb connection on the m2 adapter from key m to key a


Could you check in the Inventory page to see if the PSUs are listed there?
They may be in the Assemblies section.

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So far, I cannot find anything. Neither in OpenBMC, nor in the BIOS.

Unfortunately that’s what I was suspecting. I’ll ask ASRock to configure the PMBus data source.

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You mention this cable (10Gtek SFF-8654 8i Cable, SAS 4.0, 85 ohm). To what is it connected ?
I’m trying to connect some sata disks without success :confused:

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U.2 NVMe drives. SATA requires a card. btw, the intent of this thread is for people to share their home builds, what it is for, etc. Maybe we can chat about firmware, OpenBMC, et al. in another thread?

Anything with an LSI/Broadcom/Avago 3*** controller should work using the mpt3sas driver.
I have this one and it works.

Older generations, requiring the mpt2sas driver definitely don’t work. Some even do not show in lspci.

Will do, sorry for this.

On the lower end, SATA cards using ASMedia or JMicron chipsets should work too. But be careful, many of those cards with lots of ports use port multiplexers that really slow down hard-drive access.