Best SBC with M.2?

Hi all,

Any recommendations for best ARM single board computer that has a built in M.2 slot?

Having dual M.2 drives would be great, I would run some form of RAID 1 to duplicate data.

I was thinking of using it for a dev database box.


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Hi :wave:

It depends on what you mean by “best”.
My choice would go these days on SBCs based on the Rockchip RK3588, like the RadXa Rock5B, StationPC M3, OrangePi 5…

I found a pretty nice new board based on the RK3588S, which I agree seems to be “the” cpu to have these days.
Nanopi r6c
NanoPi R6C (

There are a lot of good project ideas here, I’m having trouble talking myself out of getting a NanoPi R6s to build an pfsense/ OpenBSD firewall. :smile: But my initial idea of database testing and storage filesystem testing will really require more in the way of additional storage.

My initial approach of looking for m.2 storage is likely flawed, maybe I can get further looking for boards with multiple SATA ports. USB connected disks feel out of the question. Ultimately I would like to develop a goto system for deploying SOHO level production databases on a robust filesystem.

The search continues!

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