Favorite Conferences?

What are your favorite conferences to attend? Do you like the largest ones (Oracle World, re:Invent, etc.) or OSS based ones or smaller regional ones?

Generally I speak at the Oracle conferences like OOW rebranded OCW, RMOUG, ECO, Ascend, BluePrint4D and several of the smaller regional ones.

I would love to expand into some of the Linux conference. I haven’t done one of those in ages!


I’ve done lots of regional conferences in Southern Europe, most of them targeting a non-specialized audience, but sometimes more specialized conferences, like mobile-oriented ones, IoT ones, or devops ones (went there with my android-device-farm-running-arm hat or yes-you-can-run-your-ci-cd-on-arm hat or my edge-computing-will-be-arm-only hat). :grin:

I also had the chance to give a talk at the Linaro Connect conference.

I’ve never been to a huge conference yet.

what are the names of the regional conferences in Europe that you have liked… and I love the hats :slight_smile:

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Android Makers (Paris), FOSDEM (Brussels), Pixels Camp (Lisbon, PT), Greach (SP), RoMobos (Ro), various DevFest (Lille (FR), Brest (FR), Heraklion (GR)), CodeMobile UK, LinuxLab (Florence, IT)…

I have been to FOSEM a few times and really like it. A lot of the ones I go to are Fedora related, though I have been to Linux Plumbers a few times

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I am definitely a fan of FOSDEM! I also love the community spirit at KubeCons and I loved OSCON while it existed (in Portland).


I wish I could do international conferences, very jealous that you all get to do them. It’s a work thing on my end… they will not fund conferences outside the US.

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+1 for FOSDEM, both my wife and I love it. We have a traditional annual family trip to Brussels end of January / early February just for this. We also enjoy FrOSCon - it’s like a smaller version of FOSDEM - each year in late August. Both feel you’re spending a weekend with a big (and rather nerdy) family.
Cloud Native Rejekts - which always take place on the weekend before KubeCon, in the same city - also has a personal and laid-back vibe; I somewhat prefer that over the (much more business-focused) KubeCons.


I’ll be at FOSDEM next February at the Jenkins stand, don’t hesitate to come and say hi. :wave:


Taking note! I’ll be around in the Image-based Linux and Secure Boot devroom, which I help organising: FOSDEM 2023 - Image-based Linux and Secure Measured Boot devroom

Drop by for a Flatcar t-shirt!

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I won’t be far from FOSDEM 2023 - Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment devroom of course. :grin:

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Years ago I said “I cannot afford to not be at FOSDEM” and try to keep it. FOSDEM was my first international conference (in 2007) and since then I missed only two times.

My blog post “How to survive FOSDEM” provides lot of information for those who want to attend.

Other ones?

Linaro Connect for sure. But that one mostly to meet coworkers from Linaro and discuss projects rather than for talks.

Embedded Linux Conference was fun (2009, 2012) but I am no longer in embedded world.

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Linaro Connect London will be at the end of April 2023.
The CFP is open 'til March.

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I’ll be going to Cloudfest for the first time this year.

Would anyone like to share their impressions of previous editions? Or maybe some recommendations on things to do in Cologne, if I were to stick around for a few extra days. :slight_smile:

It’d be great to meet up with any of you who’ll be there.

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@Erik what good US conferences do you attend? I know that you do a number of Oracle events.


I’m Speaking at RMOUG next month;



After that, maybe ODTUG Kscope? Oracle Cloud World, East Coast Oracle, Great Lakes Oracle, and a few others.