Happy Holidays, Happy New Year, and Thank You for a great 2023!

Hello Everyone,

We started this community just over a year ago and it has grown and become more active than we could have expected. There are many reasons, a new developer platform and that was picked up by Jeff Geerling and his YouTube channel, and the community coming together to fix issues and spread the word on new work arounds. Oracle announcing $3 million in A1 and A2 credits for CNCF for each of the next three years. And there is the CNCF, Equinix, and Actuated project supporting Arm Native CI. Plus, an TinyML event in South Africa. And we could on and on… But what makes each of these and this discourse forum work so well, is you, the community. Whether it is posting a question or an answer or just reading others posts, it was you, a member of the community that made this work.

Next year, we want more in person get togethers. We have a lot planned already starting with trips to Brussels for FOSDEM and Ghent for Config Management Camp and KubeCon EU, but we want to know where you are speaking or attending!

So, a big THANK YOU for an awesome 2023 and we look forward to a bigger and better 2024!

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year.

Dave, Peter, and Aaron


Thanks for creating this community, folks. :partying_face:
Can’t wait to see some of you at FOSDEM next February. :hugs: